31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Reflect and learn from 2011.
Forgive and live!
Let go and love!
May the days ahead be exciting, colourful and creative!
Let abundance of goodwill, peace and positivity be unleashed this coming new year!

Cheers to a Merry 2012!!!

26 December 2011

Boxing Day Resolution

Sharing with you the diet-free resolution that was found in Boxing day!

After 3 days of partying with family and friends. Boxing day is wonderful day to rest, reflect on the past and resolute goals for the new year.

As I was thinking how many resolutions could I have, how achievable should it be, what are the past resolutions that was not realistic, what are those that could be recycled (eg: dieting), how does it benefit the future... I began to wonder how effective resolutions are and why should I be stressed at all.

Most of us tend to focus on either dwelling on the past or setting goals for the future; that we neglect "now".

But "now" is most precious!
Now paints a colorful past! Now sets the tone for the future!

As we are busy worrying, lamenting or dreaming; time is slipping away... we forget that "now" the best time to live, to appreciate our loved ones, to enjoy their imperfections and smell the dinner that our kitchen is cooking... hmmm heavenly! The sizzling omelette in my wok reminds me that I'm hungry now. Ops! Distraction* Ignore resolutions. Open prezzies first so that I can settle my tummy. :P

Calendar Clock ~ Christmas gift

As I peel the wrappers, as I check out my lovely gifts... I grow to appreciate the wonderful people around me, the tireless fan above, the home that shelters, the crimson sunset, the peace... I thank God for this time... This beautiful moment that I get to taste the myriad flavours of living.

Now, I unfold a new meaning to Boxing day - A day to celebrate our "present" and count
our blessings.


20 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas is an awesome reason to shower appreciation for our family, friends, partner, business associates and clients.

As much as we love to give, it can be tough to choose a presentable, creative yet thoughtful gift, especially when it is to be given to the opposite gender. Fret not. Christmas shopping can be easy, fun and fruitful! Let these suggestions enlighten you; and expand the possibilities beyond chocolates, towels and coffee-mugs!

1. Baking/ Cooking
Bake ginger bread man cookies, mix her favourite salad or roast a beef! Women love men who can cook. Cooking/baking will not make you less manly, but more caring. It is certainly cheaper than eating out, yet you win more points than buying her Christmas meal/cookies. There are many tried and tested recipes on internet. Download a recipe of her favourite dish, shop for ingredients and start cooking. If she is game, sign up for cooking classes and have fun bonding together!

2. Pampering Treats
Massages, manicure, pedicure, hair cut, grooming services are one of the essential recreation of modern ladies. These perk-me ups make women feel refreshed, rejuvenated and rejoiced! When she looks good, she feels good too! Buy a spa package/ vouchers from a reliable Spa for her cloud 9 experience.

3. Hand bags
Women have few hand bags to match their varied wardrobe and different occasions. Get her a hand bag that suits her lifestyle. If you are unsure, consult her closed ones who are aware of her style and endowed with a good sense of fashion.

4. Music CDs
Christmas songs to get her into the festive mood. She could play it during her Christmas parties too!

5. ... ... (Fill in the blanks)
City girls know what they like. Women feel respected when asked for her personal opinions. Casually ask her what is her wish-list and you may see some light on what she wants. For those with a certain budget, this question might help: "if you have won $XX cash voucher in Takashimaya, what would you redeem?"

Christmas celebrates the gift of living. Enjoy the process of choosing gifts for the beloved ladies, wow her and relish wonderful time together!

Merry Christmas!!!

18 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

1. Games
Board games, drinking games, console games; or even a treat to a game of archery is fun!

2. Gadgets
If hand phones or flat screen TV is beyond your budget/relationship with him. Consider accessories for his toys... It could be a pair of speakers, iPad sleeves or car pillows. These will spice up his high-tech experience.

3. Watches
The most popular accessory for males.

4. Leathers
High quality wallet/brief case/ shoes/ belts make a practical, presentable and professional gift for him.

5. Tees
Every man owns at least one Tee-shirt, a quality sports tees does not show sweat stains and dry fast. Dry fast sports tees are especially essential for the sporty men or men who live in tropics like Singapore.

Hope these ideas help you to choose the most appropriate, useful and impressive presents.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

16 December 2011

High Tea Buffet Review

I have been planning so many High Tea for Clique Wise's singles social events that MediaCorps producer invited me to review a High Tea buffet in Singapore.

The buffet which I reviewed is Hyatt Hotel's 10 Scott. When I sat down, I got totally soaked in love with the relaxing, modern, chic, classy yet cosy ambience. Besides causal catch-ups with friends, it's also an excellent place for business meetings.

Comparing with other High Tea buffets in Singapore, this restaurant outshines for it's great variety of pastries and desserts. The quality of the food is prime and fresh. Definately good value for money! My favourite dishes are the raspberry sorbet, salmon salad, beef sandwich, chocolate tarts and crab cake.

For those of you who love bubblies, you will love the free flow of champagne! Cheers! ;)

With fellow judge Ocean
Channel 8 variety show "Buffet Buffet 2" production team
busy setting up for filming in the background.

8 December 2011

Taiwan - Sun Moon Lake

After the Singles Day celebration dating event on 11 Nov, I flew to Taiwan to join my family for a holiday the next morning.

When I saw this breath-taking view from my room at the Lalu, I was awed speechless. It's a Chinese painting came to live! I was mesmerized by the grandeur of God's creation. I felt small compared to the huge mountains yet connected... Connected with self, God and nature.

Enjoy the panorama view taken from my Canon camera, without tripod.

What an ultra refreshing experience!

Thank God for this wonderful holiday to feel in touch with nature, especially when it was shared with my loved ones.