27 January 2016

Is respect to be earned?

Many times, I've heard people exclaimed this phrase "respect is to be earned". Others might buy it as a valid reason. But I see it as an excuse for arrogance and defiant behavior.

Respect is base of every healthy relationship. A person who has good self-esteem and upbringing will regard others with respect. Why should others make extra effort to earn their basic respect? Jeez, who do they think they are? Would their commanders have to gain their respect first before instructing them to dig the trenches?

If a person is so calculative as not to give a fellow human the respect they deserve, or disregard the social graces of society, then I gathered this selfish arrogant person is not going to respect me unless it benefits them. Such a person is not going to be a sincere friend anyway. I will be happier without them.

We hear people feeling indignant all the time. Parents getting furious with their kids and vice versa... Colleagues feeling disgruntled among each other...  Nations putting embargo... all because of the lack of respect. I realized, respect is a huge word with chain consequences.

Having seen and heard from friends on how they felt when their boundaries are being pushed. Having to apologize to folks who I had unknowingly upset their feelings. I've learnt and gathered 5 areas to give respect to:

To get respect, show respect first.

With these keys in mind, let it guide our relationships peacefully.