23 May 2014

Love Scams 3

Last month, I was approached by a Chinese guy name "Alex Haung" on my social media (although "Alex" might not be his real name and he might not look as handsome in reality).

Usually I will block and shelf unsolicited stranger messages to my spam folder. But I smell something interestingly fishy. Usually these unsolicited messages came with handsome Caucasian men photos but this round, I see someone of same race as me. I was in the mood of investigative fun, hence decided to chat along to dig out more.

Here is the screen capture of our conversation. Comments are in red.

"Alex Haung" claimed that he is Chinese, doesn't know how to speak mandarin and lives in United Kingdom... Although he wants to make friends with me online but prefers not to make new friends face to face when I offered to introduced friends to him in UK. Very shady! He could not handle most of questions and out bursted his honest opinion of Asian ladies after some questioning.

I would have continued to find out his purpose of looking for foolish girls? Are foolish girls more attractive? Or are they more loaded with spare cash to be conned? Do they make him feel smarter? But after his confession that he is approaching Asian girls "bcos they are fools", he deleted me from his profile, so I could not message him again. Too bad!

Even though Alex is so keen in looking for friends online, the current approach is unlikely to bring him any nor a single cent. If his motive is to cheese people off, he is already there. If he wants to scam money, he would need to learn more from professional con-artists.

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