20 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas is an awesome reason to shower appreciation for our family, friends, partner, business associates and clients.

As much as we love to give, it can be tough to choose a presentable, creative yet thoughtful gift, especially when it is to be given to the opposite gender. Fret not. Christmas shopping can be easy, fun and fruitful! Let these suggestions enlighten you; and expand the possibilities beyond chocolates, towels and coffee-mugs!

1. Baking/ Cooking
Bake ginger bread man cookies, mix her favourite salad or roast a beef! Women love men who can cook. Cooking/baking will not make you less manly, but more caring. It is certainly cheaper than eating out, yet you win more points than buying her Christmas meal/cookies. There are many tried and tested recipes on internet. Download a recipe of her favourite dish, shop for ingredients and start cooking. If she is game, sign up for cooking classes and have fun bonding together!

2. Pampering Treats
Massages, manicure, pedicure, hair cut, grooming services are one of the essential recreation of modern ladies. These perk-me ups make women feel refreshed, rejuvenated and rejoiced! When she looks good, she feels good too! Buy a spa package/ vouchers from a reliable Spa for her cloud 9 experience.

3. Hand bags
Women have few hand bags to match their varied wardrobe and different occasions. Get her a hand bag that suits her lifestyle. If you are unsure, consult her closed ones who are aware of her style and endowed with a good sense of fashion.

4. Music CDs
Christmas songs to get her into the festive mood. She could play it during her Christmas parties too!

5. ... ... (Fill in the blanks)
City girls know what they like. Women feel respected when asked for her personal opinions. Casually ask her what is her wish-list and you may see some light on what she wants. For those with a certain budget, this question might help: "if you have won $XX cash voucher in Takashimaya, what would you redeem?"

Christmas celebrates the gift of living. Enjoy the process of choosing gifts for the beloved ladies, wow her and relish wonderful time together!

Merry Christmas!!!