18 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

1. Games
Board games, drinking games, console games; or even a treat to a game of archery is fun!

2. Gadgets
If hand phones or flat screen TV is beyond your budget/relationship with him. Consider accessories for his toys... It could be a pair of speakers, iPad sleeves or car pillows. These will spice up his high-tech experience.

3. Watches
The most popular accessory for males.

4. Leathers
High quality wallet/brief case/ shoes/ belts make a practical, presentable and professional gift for him.

5. Tees
Every man owns at least one Tee-shirt, a quality sports tees does not show sweat stains and dry fast. Dry fast sports tees are especially essential for the sporty men or men who live in tropics like Singapore.

Hope these ideas help you to choose the most appropriate, useful and impressive presents.

Happy Christmas Shopping!