30 January 2021

Indoor Date Ideas

Thankful for the internet, lock down is not so unbearable after all. Couples who are stuck at home could try these free resources available online for fun couple activities time. For couples who are in long distance relationship or quarantine, try these to curb the longing as well!  

I have included Conversation Starters to match the activities. They keep your date engaging, fun and memorable! Let the cyber date nights begin 💕

Online Game Night.
Play Taboo, Boogle or Rummy - just don’t use software to try and cheat to win (unless it makes the game more fun!) 😄 

💬 Conversation Starters: 

a. What was your favorite game when you were a kid? Mine was anything that involved pizza before playing.

b. Have you ever played Pictionary? Do you like it? All of my pictures seemed to look like a stick figure with a crown that was for some reason on fire. 😂

Screen capture of Youtube

Virtual Travel
Watch scenic videos together in high 4K or 8K resolution in Youtube. Some videos even offer 360view. Now we can finally see what the world looks like from on top of Mt. Everest! 👀

💬Conversation Starters: 

a. Where would you travel if you could go anywhere in the world? Maybe I’m lazy, but I think I’d choose my couch - to watch Netflix. 😆

b. What do you think it’s like in Antartica? I’m not positive, but I bet it feels a lot like how cold my shower is in the morning. 💦

Photo by marymarkevich -Freepik.com

Write a song for someone
Too hard to write a song? Get AI to help. You could be the next Lil’ Wayne or Garth Brooks...or maybe even Lil’ Garth!

💬Conversation Starters:

a. If you could have a celebrity write a song about you who would it be? How fun would it be to have a country song about you! 💞

b. If someone wrote a rap diss song about you...what would they say? I think people would pick on my ridiculous date night ideas. 😆

These are 3 of the romantic date ideas I have written for my ebook. This is my first book. I am so looking forward to share with you! Let you know here once it is published.

Stay home, stay safe, stay happy!