24 September 2021

Mooncake & Tea Pairing

It is our tradition to give mooncakes to our clients and elderlies to show appreciation during Mid-Autumn Festival. Every year, my family and I are spoilt with varieties of mooncakes. As mooncakes are heartily heavy, we love to brew a pot of fine tea to balance the load, aid digestion and enhance the experience.

Below is Classic list Formulas for Matching Mooncakes with Tea:

Green Tea  Any sweet (i.e., lotus paste or yam mooncakes)

Pu'er  Savory (i.e., salted egg york mooncakes)

English Tea  Sweet (i.e., fusion sweet mooncakes)

Oolong Tea – Savory or nutty (5 nuts mooncakes) My family and I loves the Nanyang Tea series.

Cold Brew Carbonated Tea  – Cold Desserts (Snow skin mooncakes)