8 August 2015

Happy Birthday Singapore

After running singles events in Singapore for the last 10 years, I was given the opportunity to run singles events in Malaysia and Indonesia this year. I get to meet many wonderful eligible Malaysian and Indonesian singles who had stayed in Singapore for education or work before. One consistent thing they always say— Oh! You from Singapore? Singapore is VERY GOOD!!! 

I feel proud that my country is highly commendable by others and I am genuinely thankful to be part of it! :) 

On Singapore's 50th National Day celebration, I pray that Singapore continue to thrive with peace and prosperity for another 50 years and more! May our leaders be blessed with wisdom plus favor with Singaporeans and other nations. And every Singaporeans enjoy safety, health, wealth and happiness!!!

Caught a glimpse of Golden Jubilee parade while
conducting a Kayaking event for the singles in Singapore.