23 June 2013

Save Money & Your Life: DIY Air Purification Against Haze

DIY Air Purification Against Haze 

Even since the haze started and gotten dangerous. The air purifiers went out of stock. Price of mask has reached all time high. Even spa salons offer the precious N95 mask for free with purchase of their spa package. We are told to stay indoors to prevent exposure to the polluted air.

But what can we do when we have no air conditioner or air purifier indoors?!

After much research, my boyfriend and I discovered that we can fix up an air filer with household items while keeping ourselves cool. Concept of Air purifiers is to trap the particles in the air on the filters paper. This means lower concentration of air pollutants will get into your body. We applied this theory and we used a fan cover to attach the filter papers to an electric fan.

DIY Home Air Purification System with fan cover and floor cleaning sheet.
Place the suggested air filters between the fan cover and the fan.

These materials are cheap and easily available.
A low income family can afford it.

For those who cannot find a suitable fan cover,
ere is another version of DIY Home Air Purification System
Use a chair as the frame of the filters.
Stick the suggested air filters on the back support of the chair. 

We can use the following as filter papers:
1) HAPA filter papers for air purifiers
2) Dry disposable cleaning towels that homemakers use for sweeping the floor (Magic clean, Scott Brite)
3) Kitchen towels
4) even used N95 masks

The other important key to reducing the air pollutants in your house is to keep the windows closed. When there is an opening, use a wet towel or masking tape to seal the area. Put few pots of plants indoors to generate oxygen.

Hope these simple ideas helps to relieve us from the discomfort of the Haze and make the air in our home more breathable. It will be fun project for parents to engage their kids in too.

19 June 2013


Singapore skies thick with haze

With PSI at new high of 321 due to the fires from neighbouring countries, I am concerned over the health and well-being of Singapore. Besides praying for rain to cool and cleanse the air, I am prompted to share these:

9 Protective Measures Against Haze

  1. Drink more room-temperature water
    Avoid pouring cold water down your throat as it may induce cough in this harsh weather.
  2. Eat more fruits
    To strengthen immunity, especially our lungs.
  3. Stay in door
    Hide from the harsh and dry elements. Exercise at home or in the gym instead.
  4. On the air conditioner
    Filter off the pollutants.
  5. Clean aircon filter
    As the filter would be working doubly hard these few days.
  6. Put indoor plants
    For natural fresh supply of oxygen in your room.
  7. Leave a wet towel in your room
    Let the wet towel absorb the burnt particles in the air.
  8. Invest in an air-purifying device
    Thanks to the wonders of technology, we could clean the air we are breathing at the press of a button. Do get those with filter papers that will trap the dusty air particles.
  9. Wear mask when outdoor
    Do prepare eye drops in case the dryness stink your eyes.

    Why let the haze dull us up?! Now is the best time to shop for a comical mask. Or decorate our medical mask to cheer everyone up!

    18 June 2013

    Apple Skin

    While Apple has taken the world as a leader in technology advancement. The original apple from the garden of eden is just as popular! Apples are an amazing source of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Anyone with a little cow sense is aware of its goodness. I wonder, should we devour the crunchy apple with or without the skin? 

    I did a little experiment yesterday by leaving an apple overnight at the balcony. Before that I rinsed the apple with running water briefly.

    The next morning, 2 birds flew in and ate it. Both took turns to guard and eat the fruit, very supportive teamwork. The 2 hungry birds ate all the flesh but left 3/4 of the skin and apple seeds. I can understand why birds prefer not to eat the seeds as it contains Cyanide which is harmful to them. But what about the skin? It contains fiber and nutrients too. I gathered, the only reason they bite off the Apple's skin was to gain access to the flesh of the apple. They avoided eating the skin as it was coated with pesticides and sealing wax! Washing the apples under a running tap does not remove these toxins!

    If these wild wise birds has the instinct to know what not to eat, we humans better take note! Apple-eaters, if your apples are not organic, do take time to peel off the skin if possible.

    Personally I prefer eating apples without the skin as I find the skin hard and tannin. If you prefer to eat your apples whole, do wash them thoroughly.

    1 June 2013


    Kending beach

    It's been a while since I blogged and I missed this therapeutic exercise to share. Besides work, the other reason for my absence from blog space is due to something that is very close to my heart  getting ready to celebrate the union with my beloved. Yes! I am getting married!!!

    My boyfriend and I met via Facebook in 2011. We have no common friends then,  somehow he saw my Facebook updates and initiated conversation with me. We chatted online for months before we had our first date. It wasn't love at first sight, but we grew in love with time. His wit, cheerfulness and open-mindedness won my heart. We could yak a lot and share many common values. The beautiful part is both of us could see our future together and we decided to tie the knot.

    From choosing our nest, wedding gown designer to diets  the wedding preparation have brought us so much closer together.

    Despite our heavy workloads, we managed to squeeze time out for outdoor wedding photography in Gaoxiong. We always love the rural, scenic and slow places. The skies were clear with huggable clouds and sun was smiling brightly. Perfect for photography!

    The photographer and his team were hospitable experienced professionals. We enjoyed working with them. They did a good job capturing our personalities, our joy and the sceneries. It was a fun, fresh and fulfilling trip!

    Few days after we return Singapore, a massive earthquake hit Gaoxiong. We are truly grateful to avoid this calamity. We were worried for the photographer and his team, and contacted them. Luckily they are fine. Whew!

    Thank God for being in our midst. He protects us. Praise to Jesus  the provider, healer and lover of our souls. ;)

    Outdoor Wedding Photography at Kending, Gaoxiong, Taiwan.