21 June 2012

Chinese Soup

To stay slim, I like to keep my dinner light. Very happy to find a place which serves traditional chinese herbal soup with home-cooked feel. Their black bean pork soup taste exactly like my mum's. Boyfriend and I ordered a soup, a fried dou-miao and 2 rice. Total about S$10. Definately a gem for the gourmets who are health and cost consious!

Chinese comfort food

They serve variety of tasty nourishing soup. Benefits of the soups are explained.

Earth Jar Treasure
Address: 77 Eating House, Blk 22 Sin Ming Road Singapore 570022
Opening hours: Mon - Sat, 10am - 9.30pm
                       Sun, 10am - 3pm

1. Duck Soup - Rare find!
2. Black bean pig tail's soup - Source of protein, especial good for kids.
3. Fried Dou-miao - Healthy, crunchy. Goes well with the soups.
4. Mushroom rice -  Perfect compliment to their soups.

Giant Soup Jars

Ambience: 8 out of 10

Cleanliness: 8 out of 10

Must try for chinese soup lovers!
Spacious kopitiam well-equipped with ceiling fans to cool the guests. Do go early to enjoy more choices. Yesterday when we were there, business is so good, only 1 type of soup left.

16 June 2012

Cooking Lobster

Grilled cod fish at Cornerstone. Must try!!!

Cornerstone is a new restaurant in tranquil Bishan Park. The garden concept makes it an ideal place to chill out and dine with loved ones. What impresses me is the owners put an extra effort to make this place elderly, kids and pets friendly. As such it is an ideal place for gatherings.

Successful, young and diligent chef Yeo Kian Tong

Owner, chef Yeo Kian Tong, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts and is a winner of Gourmand World Cookbook Award (Best Chinese Cookbook Singapore). He is the pride of Singapore and believes in serving quality western food at affordable price. We have known each other for years and always wanted to run a cooking class together. Hence Clique Wise had a Lobster Bisque cooking class at Cornerstone today.

I am a soup person and hopes to cook Lobster bisque. Lobster bisque is a complicated and delicate dish to prepare. The thought of handling the lobster is enough to scare most of us. But chef Albert Ryan of Cornerstone made it easy for novices like us to learn.

In this video, he demostrated how to cut the lobster with great ease. By cutting the lobster across, we could retrieve the flesh for frying, or just grill, bake and steam it like this.

Chef Albert Ryan taught us how to cut lobster.

Chef Albert Ryan has appeared in many cooking programmes,
he shares his knowledge generously.

1 June 2012

7 ways to stay youthful

During my events, I met many people. I’m surprised to find some of them look so much younger than their age. Being inquisitive, I asked for their secrets to maintain youthfulness. Besides drinking enough water to hydrate, keeping active and eating balanced diet, here are 7 golden tips that I've gathered. They are applicable to both men and women:

Singapore’s humid and sunny weather increases sweat production and cause the scalp to feel greasy. Through my conversations with some youthful looking mature men with healthy head of hair, I discovered they have the common habit of shampooing their hair only once in two days. To keep it clean, they rinse their hair daily.

Avoid harsh skincare products which can cause skin irritation, accelerate skin aging and make it look leathery. In order to choose the right skin care, identify your skin type and use suitable products. Your skin should feel clean not tight, itchy or dry after cleansing and toning.

When you feel your brows are knitted together due to concentration, pinch your brows lightly to reduce stress and prevent vertical lines formed between the brows. Pinch the brows in an outward direction.

When our lips are dry, we are tempted to lick it. This dries the lips further as saliva removes moisture. Apply lip balm instead. Carry it with you and apply it whenever you feel the need to hydrate your lips.

If you can take it, cold shower water tones the body and activates the lymphatic system.

Get active and social!

Engage your brain regularly learn a new language, pick up new hobbies or read more books. It will brighten your thinking, up your mental abilities, empower you to react fast and prevent memory loss. Physical exercises strengthen your body. Likewise, mental exercises benefit your brain.

Youthful looking people has open, optimistic outlook and keep their energy high by interacting with others.  They enjoy talking to people and the chatting makes them more relaxed and joyful. Get social regularly to stay cheerful. You get to make new friends, stay in touch with old pals and family too!