27 November 2014

First Impression

A student interviewed me on the topic "First Impression for Dating" for her school project. I thought it would be wonderful to share what I've replied to her questions here as well so that more singles could benefit from it.

1. Do you think first impressions are important? Why / Why not?
Yes, creating a good impression makes people feel that you are friendly, pleasant
and safe to be with. When you have establish good impression, they would want to have the opportunity to know you more.

2. What are some positive and negative body languages you can take note of on a date?
- Posture that shows that he/she is at ease with themselves and their surrounding.
- Relaxed shoulder with straight back but not tensed.
- Good eye contact that shows interest in what their date is saying.
- Leaning slightly forward that shows interest.
- On on first dates, do not get too close as your date might feel that you are invading into their space.

3. How can a girl/guy leave a good impression?
a. Appearance – dressing elegantly during dates, without revealing too much or appearing as too sloppy.
b. Mannerism  – being attentive, appreciative, polite and gracious.
c. Body language – smiling naturally. Positive and friendly posture make people feel at ease with you.

4. What are the worst three impressions a girl would not want to leave for a guy?
1. Appearing as too princessy (demanding)
2. Emotionally unstable and needy
3. Slutty

5. What are the worst three impressions a guy would not want to leave for a girl?
1. Irritating, offensive with poor social skills
2. Con man
3. Persistent stalker

6. How would these impressions affect both parties in the long run?
If the impression was bad, you can only dream about having more dates with this person in future!

7. Is it possible to change the overall impression of a person even though the first impression has been made? How?
Apologize for inappropriate dressing or behavior and make sure that the mistake is not repeated again. Hope that the other party is gracious to accept your apology.

8. Do you think that good first impressions usually lead to a successful relationship?
It does affect possibilities to develop the relationship.

9. Should a girl change/fake to leave a good first impression?
We dress appropriately to life's different occasions to show that we respect the host and  ourselves. Similarly in dating, dressing well to create a good first impression is about presenting your best and making a sincere effort towards dating. We do not have to deck ourselves with branded bags or expensive jeweleries to shout that we have expensive taste – this might back fire and turn some people away. We only have to dress appropriately to show that we care to leave a good impression.