26 September 2020

Seats for Staffs

Having managed a few corporate public events, I have came across clients who demanded all the events staffs not to sit down; even during off peak hours. Deep down, I wonder if these clients can tolerate standing or walking non-stop for 3 hours. 

Last week, I brought my Dad to Changi General Hospital for his regular check up. I saw seats provided for frontline staffs during off peak hours. Very kind and considerate of them! 

Changi General Hospital, kudos for looking after your employees well! Keep it up!  👍🏻
#beinghuman #goodemployer #cgh #lydiagan_singapore

Photo taken by Lydia Gan, faces have been blurred.

22 September 2020

Favorite Mooncake


Which is your favorite moon cake?

What is the moon cake that you crave during mid-autumn festival? 

In Singapore, we are spoilt with wide variety of moon cakes to chose. Over the years, moon cakes has evolved from the classical ones with bean paste, 5 nuts or lotus paste filling. Bakers are cracking their brains  to create new moon cake flavors every year. Examples of modern fusion renditions of moon cake are truffle chocolate, lychee and charcoal beer! Some bakeries are also coming up moon cakes based on their specialty, like the Lapis moon cake. Many stores offer Mao Shan Wang durian snow skin moon cakes for the king of fruit worshippers too. This is a colorful, lucrative but very competitive market!

Personally, my true love lies in the spiral Taro moon cake! It is also known as thousand layer yam moon cake. I would chose the version with salted egg yolk which complements the thick creamy yam filling. The egg yolk is symbolic of the fullness of the moon, very apt for the mid-autumn festival.

Wishing you a happy mid-autumn festival!

7 September 2020



Philippians 4:13

Encouraging everyone to find peace and strength in this season. Thankfully, vaccines for Coronavirus has been created and is at the final phase of development. Let's press on and look forward to a healthy Covid19 free world!