3 January 2012

How to be free from negativity?

I observed that negative people tend to dwell on their negative emotions. They reason why they should feel this way to keep the lousy feelings brewing. As they are negative, they tend to mix with like-minded people and it does not help elevate their situation.

When dealing with negative clients (from LoveAgain.sg), I ask the following:
  • Does being negative improve any of your issues?
  • Does it earn you more money?
  • Does it make you attractive and approachable?
  • Does it bring success in your relationships?
  • Does it benefit your health?
When they recognised their negativity and are determined to remove this mind-set. I would suggest the following to free it.

1. Outdoor
Go out door and appreciate God's creation. Do simple outdoor exercises like jogging, swimming or simply take a stroll. Bask in sunshine, smell the roses and enjoy the sceneries! When we exercise (in moderation according to our stamina), we feel lighter, healthier and happier.

2. Hobbies
Pick up hobbies and sign up for events (CliqueWise.sg has variety of lifestyle events for both singles and public) that we always wished to try. Keep an open mind to acquire new knowledge/ skills/ experience. Put away the kiasu hat the stress to win. Just enjoy the classes/ activities and feel the sense of accomplishment for gaining something new. In addition, we get to meet new friends alias activity partners to keep our leisure time occupied!

3. Appreciation
Visit an old-age home, terminally-ill patients in hospital or orphanage, and we learn to be thankful of whatever we have. If this doesn't rekindle any sense of appreciation, consider changing a new heart. :P

4. Food
We need food to stay alive. Likewise, we need spiritual food to feel alive. Read inspiring books on how people overcome challenges, achieve their dreams and be encouraged. Listen to uplifting music instead of emo songs. One of my favourite radio channels are FM91.3 and FM 99.5, I tuned in whenever I feel listless. 

5. Huge Dosage of Vitamin L
Laughter is one of the best medicine. It induced positive energy to our being, help us to see things creatively from other perspectives and heighten our sense of humour. Catch comedies, stand-up comedies, comics regularly to up our humour-meter. People likes to befriend folks with sense of humour (excluding black/ distasteful/ offensive jokes hor). With new friends, new found popularity; we develop confidence, self-esteem and joy!

Give thanks, smile and live it up!