24 January 2012

Why Singles Shun CNY

As people delay marriage and some even put it off permanently, the overall representation of singles is increasing and becoming a greater facet of today’s society. But has our society grown to accept this reality? Chinese New Year is a meaningful festival to reconnect with our family and relatives. Why do some singles drag attending Chinese New Year gatherings?

I mentioned in the media release on Singles Day 2011: “Singles are constantly pressured by society on their status. As a result, some singles become shy and ashamed of being single and may shun social settings like Chinese New Year or weddings. Such societal pressures can backfire and cause singles to close up further which will not help their situation at all. We believe it is better to encourage and celebrate with singles to embrace their freedom, go out enjoy life and enlarge their social circle. When singles feel more accepted, they will be more relaxed, at ease to mix around more freely and enjoy the journey of finding their special someone."

There are many reasons why people are single; due to career, just got out of relationship, new to a country, taking care of parents or busy with studies. Instead of embarrassing single friends and relatives with question like "Why are you still single?" Ask something positive this Lunar New Year:
  • What do you do on weekends?
  • Where do you go to relax and recharge?
  • What are your favourite movies?
From here, encourage them to join related social activities, enlarge their network and enrich their lives. Singles will appreciate your understanding, tactfulness and concern. This will deepen your relationships and make them look forward to celebrate festivities with you! This is what family is for.