24 December 2013


At a beautiful Christmas party, we were grouped to perform skits on overcoming challenges. The sweet motivation to win? Ice-cream for supper! Yum Yum Drool Drool..

My table of new found friends brainstormed and scripted the skit is about 15 min. It brought back memories of countless skits my Junior College classmates and I came up with during our General Paper tutorial classes. Those happy days! I felt like a young, excited and playful student again!

My team named our skit Ah Beng Love Story – a short predictable drama on boy meet girl, boy "bang wall", boy cry God for help, angel teach boy, boy win girl's heart and we sang an upbeat love song as finale. I was given the role of angel to guide the cluelessly crude "Ah Beng" to woo a demure classy girl. What's unexpected was – I won the Best Actress award!!! I am abashed for winning as I'm being myself, dishing out relationship tips which I have been always doing. This is not acting. Still, I thanked God for the roars of laughter and shared the trophy strawberry cheesecake ice-cream with everyone in the party.

After the skit, there are people approaching me to repeat the tips that I've shared on winning ladies heart. It comes in the acronym CAGE:

1. Connection
Connection is about a mutual feeling of affinity, trust, security and comfort. Have a complimenting rhythm when communicating with her so that she feels safe and easy to talk to you.

2. Appreciation
Thank her effort that she had made to dress up for the date and spent time with you rather than with others. Simple acts of appreciative gestures like these convey your heart. These score more than an expensive handbag or caviar.

3. Gifts
Whether it's bottle of herbal tea to ease her cough or a pair of dazzling earrings to match her fashion style, give gifts to show thoughtfulness and admiration for her.

4. Empathy
When she needs a listening ear, encouragement and support, be there for her. It will show that you are mature, caring and committed life-long partner.

With these 4 keys in mind, you guys will be able to capture the heart of your desire. May these keys illuminates your path in the search of love.

Have a wonderful Christmas filled with joy!