11 October 2012

Perk Myself Up

What do you do when you are stressed, listless or upset?

Everyone has different preference to deal with their issues. Some likes to shop, some likes to get drunk, while some likes to pull a prank on others. Shopping is therapeutic but can be draining to our finances. Being drunk might get us into trouble. Pranks might cost us retribution and relations.

There are many activities that we can do to make ourselves feel fabulous. But we want the fun without damaging our purse or reputation.

I encourage you to draw up your own "Pamper Myself" list. Brainstorm 20 healthy activities you have done in the past which made you feel awesome.

My "Love Lydia" list:
1. Taking a bath
2. Going on nature walks
3. Meeting new friends
4. Re-arranging my room
5. Hearing an inspiring speech
6. Pleasing my parents
7. Watching a comedy
8. Playing board games
9. Singing
10. Gardening
11. Wearing smart clothes
12. Seeing good things happen
to my family or friends
13. Talking about Philosophy
14. Drinking hot ginger tea
15. Complimenting someone
16. Preparing a new dish
17. Swimming
18. Getting massage
19. Spending time with my loved one
20. Listening to relaxing music

You will be surprised that most joys are pretty simple to execute, inexpensive and wholesome!

This list is an incredible way to remind ourselves the varieties we have whenever we need a recharge! This "Love Lydia" list also acts as my saviour. It distracts me from binging on my favourite potato chips. Oh… how addictive these Wasabi flavoured potato chips are! I could chomp down 3 packets at one go! Imagine the guilt aftermath. :S

I saved this useful list in my handphone and refer it whenever I feel the need to indulge. You might prefer to write it down in a card and keep it in our wallet or paste it in front of your desk. Whatever is more effective for you. Happy Pampering!