24 August 2018

Scam Statistics

The recent statistics from Singapore Police Force shows an increased in crime rate especially in the area of scams. These scammers are really working hard, casting the net wide to cheat people of their hard-earned money.

Even though my relationship status is stated as married, I still receive invitation from fake profiles at social media almost every other day. I just met up with an ex-colleague who is single. She showed me her Dating App account, each profile shows a few photos and bare information of the person. It is tough to assess if they are genuine in the Dating App.

I told her the safest route to meet singles is to attend group events ran by Singapore's Accredited Dating Agencies, which have the procedure to check all their customers marital status at Registry of Marriage. I am glad she took my suggestion and joined a dating event conducted by one of my student recently. Sincerely wish her success in her search for love!