31 August 2018

Happy Teacher's Day

Traditionally, we celebrate Teacher's Day in academic school only. Nowadays people continue learning after they leave school. People attend classes to pick up new industry knowledge, trending hobby, foreign language, life skills and executive coaching to sharpen their management abilities.

Wikipedia defines Teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. Based on this, teacher go beyond academic setting which could include career development and personal growth as well. The trainers, mentors and coaches in adult-learning put in as much research, energy and passion as any teachers in school. We give our best to be an educator who informs, illuminates and inspires students to reach their goals.

This coming Teacher's Day, I wish more and more learners would include trainers, coaches and mentors in their Teacher's Day greetings or celebration as well. 😊

With this, I wish to dedicate this meaningful day to all my fellow trainers, coaches and teachers. Be blessed with the joy and strength to shine every hearts. Have a very fulfilling Teacher's Day!