1 September 2014

How NOT to ask a woman out

A lady gave me permission to share the screen captures of her conversation
with her admirer.
My comments are in red

A lady friend revealed to me she met a guy in a networking event. After that he had been messaging her over the phone. She is alright that he kept talking about boring IT gadgets topics and responded well towards him until he claimed he knows her age. So creepy!

It is a social boo-boo to ask about someone's age at the initial stage of knowing. For this guy in the above conversation, he talked so much to prove that he is knowledgeable and chatty. Instead of impressing the lady whom he wish to date, he end up irritating her! Needless to say, she turn him down. I must comment that she had been patient and polite towards him.

This lady and I hope that people will learn from this conversation; avoid common mistake while making new friends. This would help singles to enjoy the dating process better. :)