24 December 2021

Xmas 2021


May this Christmas be bright, buoyant and bountiful
for you and your loved ones! 

24 September 2021

Mooncake & Tea Pairing

It is our tradition to give mooncakes to our clients and elderlies to show appreciation during Mid-Autumn Festival. Every year, my family and I are spoilt with varieties of mooncakes. As mooncakes are heartily heavy, we love to brew a pot of fine tea to balance the load, aid digestion and enhance the experience.

Below is Classic list Formulas for Matching Mooncakes with Tea:

Green Tea  Any sweet (i.e., lotus paste or yam mooncakes)

Pu'er  Savory (i.e., salted egg york mooncakes)

English Tea  Sweet (i.e., fusion sweet mooncakes)

Oolong Tea – Savory or nutty (5 nuts mooncakes) My family and I loves the Nanyang Tea series.

Cold Brew Carbonated Tea  – Cold Desserts (Snow skin mooncakes)

6 July 2021

How to Deal with Nasty Client?

Having heard many bad customer experience from my peers and having met a few ridiculous clients myself; I decided to write this video script. I paid an animator to do this video to create awareness about the bad behaviors of some terrible clients.  

Have you met nasty clients like this? How did you react?

Every business have bills and employees to pay. If companies are squeezed dry, it will collapse! Livelihood of the staffs and their families will be affected. In tough times like pandemic, be kind. Support businesses by ensuring they have enough to survive.

As a boss or leader, protect your employees by saying no to unjustified rude demands of bad customers. By doing so, you gain respect from both the staffs and clients.

5 April 2021

Creative Dating

This is a short extract from the free webinar Creative Dating which was held in February. It was recorded over Zoom.

In this video, I shared on how my dad date my mum when they are mobile. Some of the viewers asked for more of these fun and affordable date ideas which is suitable for young and mature. They can be found in my ebook Can't Stop Dating, available for sale at https://amzn.to/3tm8bJL.