5 August 2018

Molecular Gastronomy Food Science Event

Gastronomic Discoveries

The Seletar Mall engaged an event company to create a brilliant molecular gastronomy food science event at their level one Atrium. It started from late July till National Day holiday. Parents from all over Singapore brought their children to attend this fun event.

Participants spend about S$ 30 each to attend the event. And get to learn and taste science in a fun way for free!

Due to the popularity of this innovative edutaining event, the response was overwhelming. Participants had to wait for 2-3 hours during peak hours on weekend.

To fill up the time while waiting in the queue, some smart participants equipped themselves with books and power banks for their mobile games. Most patiently waited for 2 hours to get into the Gastronomic Discoveries event hall. Amazing to see some kids have the good discipline to behave well in the long queue.

It is easy to understand why people willingly waited as this is so much more experiential, engaging and educational than queueing hours for famous Char Kway Teow! :D We could see from their expression participants greatly anticipate to join the event.

 Queuing Patiently for this Free event

The whole event journey is about half an hour but it is worth every minute of it! We learn from the mad-scientists the knowledge behind the interesting dishes we tasted and got absorbed in the fun fascinating science lab setting!

Fun Game for Children
1st Station: Xbox Game - Fruit Ninja Game (for children)

Molecular Gastronomy Tasting
2nd Station: Transparent dishes - Raindrop Fruit Desserts & Ravioli

Molecular Gastronomy Fruit Froth
3rd Station: Fruit Froth

Sweet Helium Balloon
4th Station: Litmus Test &/ Helium Sweet

Molecular Gastronomy Discoveries - Spherification
5th Station: Spherification

Nitrogenius Candy Floss
Nitrogenius Ice-Cream 
Last Station: Nitrogenius Lab making ice cream burrito with pretty fluffy candy floss.

We got a stamp on our card for every station we completed and received a spoon as a reward!
I could see that everyone left the event feeling happy and fulfilled!

The best part about attending this superb memorable fun experiential event? - It is suitable for curious folks of every age! As an event trainer, organizer and designer, I must say the team of the event company Oofflehad really set a high bar with this innovative family event!