2 January 2019

Today marks the start of school and first day of work for 2019.
What are your thoughts as we begin the new year?

7 November 2018

Hybrid Fork Spoon

I come across this plastic utensil when I was in Australia. A hybrid fork and spoon - What a brilliant tool! It is could reduce usage of plastic, cost and space. Buffet Caterers could consider switching to this, especially for their tea menus.

31 August 2018

Happy Teacher's Day

Traditionally, we celebrate Teacher's Day in academic school only. Nowadays people continue learning after they leave school. People attend classes to pick up new industry knowledge, trending hobby, foreign language, life skills and executive coaching to sharpen their management abilities.

Wikipedia defines Teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. Based on this, teacher go beyond academic setting which could include career development and personal growth as well. The trainers, mentors and coaches in adult-learning put in as much research, energy and passion as any teachers in school. We give our best to be an educator who informs, illuminates and inspires students to reach their goals.

This coming Teacher's Day, I wish more and more learners would include trainers, coaches and mentors in their Teacher's Day greetings or celebration as well. 😊

With this, I wish to dedicate this meaningful day to all my fellow trainers, coaches and teachers. Be blessed with the joy and strength to shine every hearts. Have a very fulfilling Teacher's Day!

28 August 2018

8 Review Questions Before Cutting Toxic People Off

"I dropped people off with no warning, I getting too old to explain to others."
"Cut toxic people off immediately!"

I read memes like the above and it made me ponder we do no hesitate to dispose things away when it's of no use to us nowadays, should we apply the same mindless attitude to our relationships?

For those who are active in social media, you might have the unfortunate experience of being unfriended by people. People whom you are clueless why they have blocked you. Nobody likes to be thrown away like dirt. It's sad and frustrating.

In the light of being fair, authentic and doing to other fellow humans how you would want to be treated, I propose we consider these 8 questions before we cut people off.

1. Have I feedback to this person about his/her negative behavior constructively? Feedback on the area how his/her actions affected others, without assuming they know they are in the wrong.

2. Have I bothered to learn how to handle him/her with care and respect?

3. Have I done anything to cause this person to react in this way to me?

4. Is this person always behaving negatively?
Does he /she happen to be in low-points of their life and all they need is a kind soul to listen to how they feel or some space to be alone?

5. How can I help as a fellow human without affecting me?

6. Is it realistic to expect everyone to be always positive, upbeat and saying things that we want to hear?

7. Is this person simply irritating? Does he/she deserves to be unfriended?

8. Is this person abusive and manipulative?
I totally agree that we have to set boundaries with harmful negative toxic people to protect ourselves. Flee from violent dangerous people if need be.

After considering the above and if we decided to end a relationship; TRY to close it amicably safely so that both parties could move on and learn positively from it. The world is small, we never know the relationship we end today might come in need tomorrow.