31 May 2013


Kending beach

It's been a while since I blogged and I missed this therapeutic exercise to share. Besides work, the other reason for my absence from blog space is due to something that is very close to my heart  getting ready to celebrate the union with my beloved. Yes! I am getting married!!!

My boyfriend and I met via Facebook in 2011. We have no common friends then,  somehow he saw my Facebook updates and initiated conversation with me. We chatted online for months before we had our first date. It wasn't love at first sight, but we grew in love with time. His wit, cheerfulness and open-mindedness won my heart. We could yak a lot and share many common values. The beautiful part is both of us could see our future together and we decided to tie the knot.

From choosing our nest, wedding gown designer to diets  the wedding preparation have brought us so much closer together.

Despite our heavy workloads, we managed to squeeze time out for outdoor wedding photography in Gaoxiong. We always love the rural, scenic and slow places. The skies were clear with huggable clouds and sun was smiling brightly. Perfect for photography!

The photographer and his team were hospitable experienced professionals. We enjoyed working with them. They did a good job capturing our personalities, our joy and the sceneries. It was a fun, fresh and fulfilling trip!

Few days after we return Singapore, a massive earthquake hit Gaoxiong. We are truly grateful to avoid this calamity. We were worried for the photographer and his team, and contacted them. Luckily they are fine. Whew!

Thank God for being in our midst. He protects us. Praise to Jesus  the provider, healer and lover of our souls. ;)

Outdoor Wedding Photography at Kending, Gaoxiong, Taiwan.